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Examining performance across multiple events in the conversion funnel is critical for many marketers to assess conversion rates across the funnel, plug gaps in the funnel, and keep track of performance across multiple events at once.

Rockerbox's Conversion Funnel view within the Journey product offers visibility into performance at all levels of granularity across the funnel.

  1. Navigating your Conversion Funnel
  2. Common Use Cases
  3. FAQs for the Conversion Funnel

1. Navigating your Conversion Funnel

2. Common Use Cases

  • Identifying "leaks" in your funnel: certain channel, tactics, audiences, or creatives might see a lower conversion rate (more significant drop off) than average. Once these are identified, next steps may be to
    • Decrease the investment on these ads (consider CPA or ROAS performance as well)
    • Consider landing page optimizations (why are we failing to convert these customers once they're on site?)
    • Inspect the audience quality (is this audiences too broad where we're not reaching quality prospects)
  • Monitoring performance across multiple conversion events: if you optimize toward multiple performance goals, placing conversion events side by side can be helpful easily visualize performance across both events.
    • For example, your lead gen campaigns all perform at a comparable CPA, but campaign A has a stronger CPA/ROAS for an event further down funnel. This is an opportunity to increase investment on the higher performer / decrease investment on the lower

3. FAQs for the Conversion Funnel

  • Can I edit my conversion funnel setup?
    • For Shopify customers, you conversion funnel will be set by default to View Product > Add to Cart > Purchase
    • For all other customers, you will need to configure your funnel thoughtfully, as it cannot be edited frequently.
    • If you do need to make edits to your conversion funnel, reach out to with the order of events you'd like reported on.
  • Can I include impressions, clicks, sessions / landing page visits, or new visitors in the conversion funnel
    • Today, only conversion events available in the Cross-Channel report can be included in the conversion funnel
  • My ecommerce site is Shopify hosted. How are the conversion events defined?
    • By default, Shopify customers will have a View Product > Add to Cart > Purchase conversion funnel set up. These events are tracked by default as part of Rockerbox's integration with Shopify. More info on the definition of these conversion events can be found here.
  • What are the dates grounded in?
    • Reporting is grounded against the number of conversions that occurred over a given time frame, rather than a given user. For example, conversion funnel reporting against the past 30 days might report on the conversions that have occured in the past 30 days against your View Product, Add to Cart, and Purchase event rather than following the same individual user across.
  • What if my overall count for a conversion event looks incorrect?
    • It's expected that conversion volume against each event is variant from your internal reporting up to 10-15%, given the nature of pixel based tracking, time zone differences, or methods of deduplicating events against sessions or days.
    • If you have further concerns around the total conversion volume for a specific event, reach out to and provide: conversion event name, date range, reporting from your internal source of truth (broken out by date and ideally at the event level)
  • What if my per channel attributed volume looks incorrect for a given event
    • Rockerbox deploys various tracking mechanisms to offer maximum visibility into performance against your core conversion events. In some cases, these tracking mechanisms may not be available against an upper funnel event.
    • Common examples of channels that cannot be tracked in full against upper funnel conversion events include
      • Direct Mail: address is typically only provided against the Purchase conversion event
      • TikTok + Snap Views: view-based tracking is facilitated by an email or phone number matchback, provided by the customer for primarily lower funnel events (like a Purchase)
      • Facebook Views: modeled views are only supported against your "featured" conversion event
  • Can I see Multi-Touch Attribution across the funnel?
    • Typically, a multi-touch model is only built out against the featured conversion segment you regularly optimize against. As a proxy for multi-touch attribution, Rockerbox recommend you leverage even weight attribution, for which conversion rates should be comparable

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