Associate Existing Marketing Events

If you're tracking sponsorships via vanity URLs, UTMs, or survey responses, follow this guide to associate those marketing events with your sponsorships.

What does associating an existing marketing event with a sponsorship do?

If you have vanity URLs, UTMs, or survey responses, you can map that as a marketing event in Rockerbox using channel mapping rules. Associating that with a sponsorship will attach your spend and payout structure to those touchpoints.

How to associate your existing marketing events

First, select the program you would like this sponsorship to be under. Make sure that your selected program matches the payout criteria for the sponsorships you are about to enter.

Next, find the marketing event in your Rockerbox categorization and enter the name of sponsored entity (e.g. influencer name or podcast name). Make sure the name is unique and recognizable — you will be using the name to add campaign costs later, if needed.


Avoid Duplicate Tracking

If you have vanity URLs or UTMs that automatically apply a coupon code to a user's cart, we recommend only using promo code to track your sponsorship. Creating marketing events from those URL based events can cause duplicate tracking and inaccurately inflate the credit given.

Next Up

Repeat this process under each of your programs to ensure all of the expected marketing events are associated with their sponsorships.

If you have any campaign or date-based payouts, you can proceed with uploading Campaign Costs.

If you are all done entering your sponsorships, you can proceed to Backfill Sponsorships Data.

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