What we are solving for

Rockerbox is looking to be your single source of truth for marketing, enabling you to make smarter marketing decisions.

Capturing your Full Path to Conversion

Rockerbox works to identify every touchpoint against every user that converts - across digital, offline, paid, and organic channels - providing you a full view into path to conversion and user behavior.

Helping you Achieve your Optimal Marketing Mix

By having one place to see conversions, revenue, and spend across all channels - Rockerbox enables you to understand the true efficiency of each channel.

Quantifying the Impact of your Upper Funnel Marketing Channels

Rockerbox unlocks the ability to quantify the impact of your upper funnel marketing channels - not only through identifying their individual impact but also through quantifying any halo effect on your bottom-funnel channels.

Enabling Tactical Optimization

Rockerbox provides a de-duplicated view of performance, allowing you to understand and optimize individual tactic and line item performance outside of attribution in each channel’s reporting platform

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