Core Data Types

The inputs needed to enable companies to calculate CPA/ROAS

Data Type

What it Is

How We Track


Any end action being optimized against.

Occurring on-site, in-app, or offline.

Most commonly purchases

For example- Add to Cart, Free Trial Start, Subscription Start, Email Sign Up

Determined during onboarding scoping, contingent on site and app set up.

Can include:'

  • On-site pixels
  • Webhooks
  • Batch Files
  • API

More details here

Marketing Touchpoints

The individual points of marketing activity that users interact with


  • Paid and Organic
  • Digital and Offline

This can be a view or a click

Ex- a paid search ad, an email, a linear TV spot

Mix of:

  • UTMs
  • custom tracking parameters
  • impression tracking pixels
  • batch files
  • IP and address matching

More details:


How much money was spent on marketing

Mix of API integrations and standardized batch spend files

More details here

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