Report Filters

You can filter report exports based on values in the Tiers. There are two ways to do this.

Add Filters for a New Report

If you're creating a new report, then any filters applied in Analytics > Reports will automatically be applied to the report.

For example, in the screenshot above, clicking Export with those filters will generate results only for:

  • Tier 1 = Display
  • Tier 2 = gdn

Edit a Saved Report

If you have an existing Saved Report, you can edit the Tiers.

  • Go to Settings > Exports
  • Find the Report, and click the Edit button to the right
  • In the Filters box, add the "tier_1" through "tier_5" filters that you want to use (you do not need to use all of them), along with the corresponding names formatted as a list of strings.

To filter by a single value for a single tier, include the tier name and value name as below, including the square brackets around the value you want to include.

To filter by multiple different tiers, include the tier names and values separated by commas, as below.

To include more than one value for a single tier, add items to the list inside of the square brackets separated by commas, as below. The below report will include rows where tier_1 is Paid Social OR Paid Search and tier_2 is Shopping.


Updates will affect ALL instances of that Saved Report

This update will affect all reports that are based on this Saved Report. Make sure this doesn't affect other users before making changes.

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