Promo Codes

Promo codes, or coupon codes, can help with attribution for offline channels like podcasts, direct mail, newsletters, TV, radio, and influencers.

The promo code is passed to Rockerbox along with the purchase event from the checkout page.

Rockerbox uses the promo code to inject a synthetic marketing event into the user's path to conversion. Based on where the promo code came from, whether it was an influencer on Instagram or a TV commercial, Rockerbox can bucket the marketing event that way.


When a user passes in promo code at the time of purchase, then what we do is then lookup that promo code in a mapping sheet. If it exists, then we create a marketing event based on the tiers 1-5 that are listed in the mapping sheet. 

If the user also clicked on a URL that drove them to your site, and that URL includes UTMs/other parameters that we map, then that would also count as a marketing event. In other words, in the case a user clicks on an ad (where we have a marketing rule), and also enters in a promo code (where we have a mapping), then that user would have at least two marketing events on their path to conversion:

  1. URL-based marketing event
  2. Promo code-based marketing event

To ensure proper attribution, you want to make sure that promo codes are created exclusively for their respective channel. You don't want to overlap promo codes with two different channels as this will lead to confusion. Be prepared to create a spreadsheet to organize the different promo codes and the channels they are associated with.

For steps on how to set up your conversion pixel to ingest promo/coupon codes, follow these instructions.

Example Synthetic Event Injection

Once your attribution provider figures out who received mail and converted, a direct mail touchpoint will be added to the customer’s existing path to conversion. It might look something like this:

As you can see, the digital touchpoints were already assigned conversion credit based on the multi-touch attribution model used. Now, the attribution model will be re-run to determine the value of the direct mail touchpoint. Then, the conversion credits will be re-assigned based on their new values.

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