Onboarding New Partners: General

This page covers a general overview for adding a new partner that is not already an existing Integration.

For details on onboarding partners for the following channels, check out their respective pages for more details:

Rockerbox evaluates each new partner opportunity based on a number of factors, including business opportunity as well as technical feasibility.

If we decide to proceed with an integration, then timing is dependent on factors including Rockerbox prioritization, the type of integration, and the vendor's capabilities. Integrations require a minimum of 1 month. Any files that require updates or do not otherwise meet our standards will cause delays in the integration. If the partner needs to deliver files to us and yet cannot meet our File Delivery Requirements, then we cannot integrate with them.

To get started, partners should fill out this questionnaire to start the evaluation. A Rockerbox contact will follow-up with more details within 1 week of completion.

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