Onboarding Linear TV Partners

This page covers an overview for adding a new Linear TV partner that is not already an existing Integration.

The Rockerbox Linear TV Integration uses postlogs (and, for the partners that support them, prelogs) delivered by the TV agency/networks to analyze impact.

The technical integration consists of two parts:

  • Standardizing a file delivery that includes a postlog that includes all ad spots, with consistent naming conventions, file formats, column headers, etc. with a regular delivery cadence so that we can process the file automatically. This file must meet all of our Report Delivery Requirements
  • Setting up a data transfer via S3 or SFTP

Send to your partner this questionnaire to start the evaluation. A Rockerbox contact will follow-up with more details within 1 week of completion.

Integration timing varies depending on the vendor's capabilities and requires a minimum of 1 month. Any files that require updates or do not otherwise meet our standards will cause delays in the integration. If the partner cannot meet our requirements documented above, then we cannot integrate with them.

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