Notifications: Missed File Delivery

Rockerbox supports notifications to alert you when your partners file delivery performance.

Partner File Delivery Expectations

Rockerbox maintains a list of all the partners and their standard delivery expectations in Rockerbox Tracking by Vendor.

Missed File Delivery Notification

We will be very transparent with you if we're missing an expected file from a partner. This will allow you to then follow up with the partner to resolve the missing file.

Based on our Integrations with many partners, we expect they will deliver files on a regular basis, such as daily or weekly. When one of these partners you enabled as an integration does not deliver a file on time, you will see an in-banner notification in the UI.


Notifications Are for Regular Deliveries Only

Partners with standard integrations that deliver on a regular basis (daily, weekly) only are included in these notifications. If the file delivery is ad hoc, then we do not support notifications for those Integrations.

We will notify you in two locations:

  1. As a banner at the top of each page
  2. Under the partner's section under Integrations

This notification will persist until one of two things happens:

  • The partner delivers a file
  • A user "snoozes" the notification

If either of those happens, the notification will disappear.


Checking for Deliveries Only

For the purposes of missed delivery notifications, Rockerbox is only checking for the delivery of the file. We are not checking for the contents, whether the file meets our requirements, or if the file successfully processed.

Snoozing the Notification

If you're no longer interested in seeing the notification, snooze it. You might want to do this if you are no longer running with that partner, or if you know there will be some length of time before they address the file delivery issue.

You can perform this action either from the banner at the top of the page, or in the Integrations page. Performing either action will result in the same effect: both notifications will disappear, and will no longer appear until the partner delivers a file that successfully processes. Even if there are subsequent missed deliveries, Rockerbox will no longer alert you of these exceptions.


Cannot Reactivate Notifications

Careful! Once snoozed, you cannot reactivate a notification for a partner on your own. The partner must successfully deliver a file before Rockerbox will start reporting on missed deliveries. See below for more details.

Resumed File Deliveries

If a partner that had notifications of missed deliveries successfully sends a file, then the notifications will automatically disappear.


Check for Missing Days

Since Rockerbox is not checking the contents of the file delivery, it's best practice for you to check that the partner redelivered files that contain all missing days of data.

Reactivating "Snoozed" Notifications

Once you snooze a notification for a partner, you will no longer see any missed delivery notifications for that partner until that partner sends a file that successfully processes.

Once this happens, Rockerbox assumes you are now expecting regular file deliveries and will resume monitoring their deliveries. If after they successfully deliver a file, they then fail to deliver a file based on the established expectation, then Rockerbox will create a missed delivery notification.

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