How can I track a new platform with Rockerbox?

Are you working with a partner that isn't listed in our Landing Page URL Parameters? If so, then we phase our implementation for new partners:

  • Use existing URL parameters (this is typically UTMs)
  • Connect Rockerbox with your partner/platform. We will discuss with the partner/platform their capabilities
  • We will recommend additional URL parameters, impression-tracking pixels, and spend integrations where available

1. Using Standard UTMs

Assuming you are using a standard UTM structure (ex: utm_medium, utm_source, utm_campaign, etc.), then you'll just need to make sure the Channel Rules are mapped properly.

2. Connect Rockerbox with Partner/Platform

Our process for building out custom landing page parameters, impression-tracking pixels, and spend ingestion, where available, is to learn from the partner/platform what information is available. Make an intro to the partner with Rockerbox cc'ed, and we will work with them on the integration.

3. Update URLs, Pixels, and Spend

After step 2, depending on the capabilities of the partner, we will have updated URLs and impression-tracking pixels. If spend APIs are available, then Rockerbox will need to prioritize and build out the integration.

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