Marketing Performance View (Analytics -> Reports)

What this report shows

The Analytics -> Reports view in Rockerbox shows for a given time frame, all marketing spend and conversions mapped back to each marketing placement

This view enables you to see weighted CPA/ROAS against marketing placements for new and existing users

Overview of Analytics -> Reports view

1. How to Navigate view

2. Use Cases - How to leverage this view

1. Navigating the Analytics -> Reports view

1. Selecting your timeframe

You can select the specific timeframe you would like to view. It will default to the last 30 days.

2. Selecting your conversion event

You are able to select different conversion events to see the unique marketing mix at different points of your funnel.

For example, you may want to look at an upper funnel event like "View Product" or "Add to Cart" to see performance against higher funnel awareness driven channels i.e. Tiktok

3. Selecting your attribution type

You are able to toggle between different attribution types to see different views of the world. In Rockerbox we have first touch, last touch, even weight, and modeled multi-touch.

4. Toggling between New vs. Repeat users

Rockerbox also allows you to toggle between New vs. Repeat users to see CPA/ROAS specifically for new or returning.

If this is not set up for your account, reach out to your Rockerbox team for next steps.

5. Grouping your data & Adding Filters

You can use the "Group data by" feature to increase the granularity of the data you are viewing.

Each "Bucket" corresponds with the Tiers + marketing activity mapping structure you determined during onboarding.

If you have questions on how your marketing activity is structured, reach out to your Rockerbox team.

2. Use Cases - How to leverage this view

See the following guides for step by step instructions on each use case:

1. Seeing de-duplicated Performance on a Channel and Placement level

2. Tactical optimizations in Rockerbox

3. Planning and Budgeting against baseline performance

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