Maintaining channel/vendor tracking

When you're launching a new placement (campaign or ad) in an ad platform, Rockerbox-specific tracking needs to be applied.

For example when you launch a new Snapchat ad, Rockerbox tracking will need to be applied to each new ad.

Rockerbox Tracking by Vendor

Specific instructions for the exact tracking that needs to be applied to each channels is referenced in the Full Platform List.

How this impacts your Rockerbox data

Tracking needs to be maintained across all placements in all channels in order to attribute conversions in Rockerbox. If tracking is not applied, you will not see conversions against the specific campaign / ad group / ad.


Launching new ad types within an existing channel

If you're launching a new ad type within an existing ad channel, check the Full Platform List as there may be a different type of tracking that needs to be applied.

For example, Trade Desk display vs OTT will have different tracking parameters.

You will also need to contact your Rockerbox alias to complete the setup of new ad types.

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