Google Organic Shopping (Alpha)


Only complete this process if you're not currently using the Ads Redirect field in Google Merchant Center

In order to track organic shopping traffic from Google, you'll need to make updates to the landing pages used in Google Merchant Center.

By default, Google uses the URL in the Landing Page Link field in the Product Data section (shown below) to direct traffic for organic searches and for shopping ads.

However, when a value is added to the Ads Redirect field, ad traffic is instead routed to that URL. The steps below will guide you through updating your ad URLs and adding organic traffic parameters for non-ad URLs.

Updating the Ads Redirect URL

For a given product, click the Additional Product Data dropdown and then click Shopping campaigns and other configurations to access the Ads Redirect field.

To create a landing page URL to be used for ads, copy the landing page URL from the (Landing page) Link field to Ads Redirect field.

Adding the Rockerbox Parameter for Organic Traffic

By directing ad traffic away from the default (Landing page) Link field, that URL will only be used by organic traffic. You can add custom parameters or UTMs for organic traffic there. We recommend adding, at minimum, the single parameter below.

Implemented with your URL, this parameter would look like the below example. Remember to maintain your existing product URL and only append to the end of the URL, following the structure guidelines here.

Example Result

Landing page URL with organic shopping parameter

Ads redirect URL with no organic shopping parameters

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