Creative Pixels

Rockerbox Attribution Platform enables you to add off-site creative data (i.e. who you served a digital ad to) as a marketing touchpoint on your user's path to conversion. This is done by appending the Rockerbox Creative Pixel along with your digital ads.

Sample Rockerbox Creative Pixel: 


To leverage the Rockerbox Creative Pixel, include the pixel above with the creatives that you serve. This is done differently based on your buying platform but generally, it is included in fields marked as "Impression Tracking Pixel" or "3rd Party Pixel."

Macro Fields:

Fill in the respective {data} elements in the pixel with the data you'd like Rockerbox Attribution Platform to report out on. For example, this creative pixel: 


Would be reported out as:

Tier 1: Display
Tier 2: GDN
Tier 3: Prospecting_March
Tier 4: branding

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