In the "Converters" page, you'll be able to drill down on any particular customer and see a) the path they took to convert b) the breakdown of the credit each marketing channel earned.

Matching Customers

By expanding any of the rows, you'll be able to see that specific customer's "Marketing Path to Conversion." You'll see important information, such as email, date/time of conversion, revenue, and the breakdown of credit for each of the marketing channels.

If you select the "Conversion Details" column header on the left, you'll get the above information, including the customer's address, the discount code used (if applicable), order ID, and more.

Customer Distribution

If you toggle to the "Customer Distribution" view from the dropdown, you'll be able to see a high level view of the previous detailed data. This includes the number of marketing buckets that converters interacted with and which buckets were first/last.


You may also notice that the First Touch and Last Touch conversion counts do not add up to the Total — it can be less or more.

The Total conversion count shown may be lower because there are instances where one marketing event could count as both First Touch and Last Touch (if its the only marketing event in the user journey).

The Total conversion count shown may be higher because there are marketing events in between the First and Last Touch that are not displayed in this particular table.


As always, you can filter based on the buckets that customers engaged with and if a customer is "new to file."

In the top right, you can adjust your date range.

Exporting Reports

If you'd like to export a "Matching Customers" report, click the download icon in the top right.

Then, simply enter your email address and select the File Type (either xlsx or tsv), and you'll receive your report shortly!


You'll also notice an "eye" icon in the Inspect column. Click to be taken to the Inspect page and find additional details about that particular conversion.

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