Click Tracking

Rockerbox uses two types of tracking for ads--impression tracking pixels and click trackers. The table below shows when each pixel type is used.

Pixel Type

When it's used

Common Platforms

Impression tracking pixel

The ad clicks through to your website

Most platforms

Click Tracker

The ad clicks through to another website

GeistM, Outbrain, Taboola -- only for the ads served by these platforms that redirect to third-party sites (may not be all ads on the platform)

Click Trackers

When ads direct to a third-party site, your onsite pixels won't track that the user engaged with your ad.

To address this, Rockerbox enables you to track clicks. When a user clicks an ad and the click tracking pixel is fired, Rockerbox will receive information about the click and the URL of the page that the user is being directed to.


Example Click Tracker[campaign_name]&tier_3=[campaign_id]&tier_4=[campaign_item_id]&tier_5=[site_id]&redir=[encoded_url_user_is_directed_to]



Example of URL Encoding

Original URL:

URL Encoded URL:

Example Click Tracker Link:[campaign_name]&tier_3=[campaign_id]&tier_4=[campaign_item_id]&tier_5=[site_id]&

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