AdWords (DCM Internal Redirect Tracking Templates)


This process only applies if all the following conditions are true

• You use DCM internal redirect ads for any of your Google Ads campaigns, ad sets, or ads
• The internal redirect tags are set in the Tracking URL template field
• There is only one level of redirect--the redirect tags go directly to the landing page URL

This process requires that you modify your internal redirect tags wherever they are set in Google Ads to override the landing page URL set in DCM. Only follow this process for objects that use internal redirect tags. For each tag:

  1. Determine the landing page that the tag should use. Ensure that your landing pages URL begins with http:// or https://
  2. Append the Rockerbox parameters listed below to the landing page URL. Replace DEFAULT in the Rockerbox parameters with your real account ID, including hyphens.
  3. Replace the existing internal redirect tag in the Tracking URL template for this specific object in Google Ads

Your URLs with the Rockerbox parameters appended should follow the structure guidelines available here

  1. At the end of your DCM internal redirect tag, append a question mark and the full landing page URL with Rockerbox parameters from step 3 above.

The resulting tag should have all the components below. Note that a question mark separates the original redirect tag from the landing page URL and a second question mark separates the landing page URL from the Rockerbox parameters:

Test your new internal redirect tag by pasting it into your browser. You should see the new landing page you set as well as all the Rockerbox parameters. Note: You will not see true IDs or names from AdWords in this test. Those values will only appear as real ads serve.

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