Adding New Platforms

Are you looking for a partner or platform that is not included in our list? If they are missing, Rockerbox has not yet standardized the integration with that partner/platform. To track these channels, then we recommend a two-phase approach:

While on-boarding these partners, we can run both in parallel. The data will only become more granular and robust if the partner has additional data they can send to us.

New Partner Setup

If you have a new partner you want to integrate with Rockerbox, then intro them to your Rockerbox contact, and have them fill out this Partner Integration form. Completing this process can take anywhere from days to months, depending on the partner's capabilities and their requirements.

At the conclusion of the integration we may determine any of the following:

  • URL Tracking: create custom URL Parameters for the platform
  • URL Tracking: use Standard UTMs and Bucketing Rules only
  • Impression-Tracking Pixels: setup partner-specific pixels
  • Impression-Tracking Pixels: no pixels available
  • Spend: integrate via API
  • Spend: integrate via Batch
  • Spend: no spend available

Once a partner integration is complete, Rockerbox will add them to our documentation and make the parameters available on Settings > Pixels.

Partner Certification

Some partners require a certification process before allowing URL updates, dropping impression-tracking pixels, or sending spend data. The certification process can involve:

  • URL and pixel testing
  • discrepancy analysis
  • business agreements between the partner and Rockerbox

All of the above may prolong integration. Because of this, it's important to get started on certification as soon as possible in order to on-board your partners.

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