Model Refreshes

When you make significant changes to your marketing mix, Rockerbox can refresh your Multi-touch attribution model so that the model weights are reflective of true performance of your new channels or tactics.

Reasons for a model refresh might be:

  • New channel launches
  • Significant changes in tactics or messaging within an existing channel

Best practices for applying a new model to your conversion data

When Rockerbox re-runs the multi-touch attribution model, we're re-assessing the effectiveness of each marketing touchpoint over a specific time frame. This means that the amount of credit that each marketing touchpoint receives will vary slightly when a model refresh is applied to your conversion data.

When applying a new model, we recommend:

  • Re-running the model over a time period when all priority channels had active spend
  • Avoiding refreshing the model during a major site-wide sale period
  • Applying the new model over a clean date range. Ex new model is applied from Q2 onward
  • Avoiding applying a new model to a time period where you have already closed out reporting (ex avoiding applying a new model to month X when you've already send the same month's reporting to finance)

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