tier_1, tier_2 and tier_one, tier_two Columns

Updated 9 months ago by Eddie Chou

Rockerbox have two sets of columns that have similar naming conventions but different outputs:

  • "tier_numerics"
    • tier_1
    • tier_2
    • tier_3
    • tier_4
    • tier_5
  • "tier_alphas"
    • tier_one
    • tier_two
    • tier_three
    • tier_four
    • tier_five

The "tier_numerics" (tier_1, tier_2, etc.) columns are how the data is configured to appear in your UI and most reports.

Contrast that to the “tier_alpha” columns (tier_one, tier_two, etc.) in the Schema: Data Warehouse - MTA, which report how Rockerbox maps marketing data that’s sent to us.

As an example, if you’re running Criteo and dropping our imp-tracking pixels, then you have a pixel like this:


We’ll report on the tier_one, tier_two values in those columns as the “source” data.

On the other hand, the tier_1, tier_2 columns will match the UI values, such as in the following screenshot.

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